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Harbour construction works at Omadhoo



Marne Servey
Engineering & Project Management

 Heavy Force works with its clients to meet unique goals and objectives, to bring about beneficial change or added value through the deployment of a distinct range of technical skills and the adoption of disciplined engineering and project management practices. The Civil Engineering industry is a foundation sector for the Heavy Force business. We work closely with reputable clients and contractors throughout Maldives in delivering projects including,but not limited to;dredging,land-reclamation,port,harbor construction, resources infrastructure,earthworks, and public infrastructure etc.


Heavy Force rich human resource provide expertise in surveying too, Our team of surveyors ensure that a proper and effective surveying is carried out to ensure that projects are carried out as per client's drawing and specification. Our team of surveyors carry out survey prior  the project , during the project and also post project surveying.

Dredging and land reclamation

Dredging and land reclamation has been the core business of Heavy Force. It involves  removal of material from the water bed typically for the purpose of deepening of navigation channels and ports. In most cases the dredged material is utilized in reclamation of land. This work is normally carried out in conjunction with our waterfront construction works.

Harbour construction
Inland infrastructure construction

While company is specialized in marine and waterfront construction, it also has the capacity to provide services in inland infrastructure development which are related to its core business such as road construction, paving and logistical support for resorts development.

offshore construction
Waterfront construction

In line with the dredging works, Heavy Force is specialized in waterfront construction. Heavy Force Pvt Ltd contributes to the national marine infrastructure development in the following areas and protecting our venerable islands:
1‐ Construction of Wharfs and Berths
2‐ Construction of Marinas, Ports and Harbors
3‐ Coastal protection (breakwater &
4‐ Sheet piling works
5‐ Beach refurbishment
6‐ Rock boulder placements
7‐ Geo‐Bag Construction

Logistics support


Our logistics division functions as the backbone of the organization and provides logistical services to our large‐scale multidisciplinary construction and project management service. This include fabrication,modularisation,offsite per-assembly, procurement, marine transportation of Bulk cargo, equipment rental, heavy lifting, salvage operation, customs clearance, decommissioning and removal of construction waste.

Maldives harbour contractor


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Making of Islets at VIA

Completed on May 2019






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